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AI-based solution designed to automate personal data discovery and classification
Discover personal data across multiple systems in the cloud or on-premise
Harbor cooperation between DPO, Legal Services, IT and Marketing
Turn data subjects request into an automated workflow with a clear insight into data every step of the way
Collaborate with stakeholders and manage DPIA and LIA in real-time with Assessment Automation
Guide your partners trough vendor management process workflow
Identifying the risk from the point of view of Data Subject
Quickly respond, mitigate damage and maintain compliance
Consolidate your data and prioritize your relationship with customers
Privacy portal allows customers to communicate their requests and preferences at any time
Introducing end-to end automation of personal data removal

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General Data Protection Regulation

Here you can find the official content of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) in the current version. All Articles of the GDPR are linked with suitable recitals.

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The Digital Personal Data Protection Act Webinar

DPDP Webinar

In 2023, India’s introduction of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP) ushered in a new era, imposing additional obligations on businesses to reinforce their privacy programs and revisit how they handle personal data.

Watch our webinar to learn more about the challenges of the DPDP Act and get actionable insights, best practices, and guidance from experts in this field.

Find out how Data Privacy Manager can help you address the complexities of this pivotal legislation to prepare you to step up above your competition.


DPDP Overview: Impact and Compliance Strategy

Speaker: Nanaiah Kalengada – Business Consultant and Data Protection Law Expert @ Nine K Consulting

A concise overview of the DPDP’s key provisions, its impact on businesses, and the strategic approach companies should take to comply. The focus will be on understanding the legal framework, identifying primary areas of concern, and initiating a compliance roadmap.

Technological Adaptation for DPDP Compliance

Speaker: Sukarn Maini – Technology Lawyer and Privacy Expert @LegaliTech

Delving into the technological challenges and solutions related to DPDP compliance. This segment will highlight the role of IT infrastructure in achieving compliance, addressing the integration of privacy-enhancing technologies, and the importance of aligning technical safeguards with legal requirements.

Optimizing Compliance with Data Privacy Manager

Speaker: Marijan Bracic – CEO of a Leading Privacy Management Software Company

Introducing the functionalities and advantages of using Data Privacy Manager as a tool for navigating the complexities of the DPDP. The discussion will include practical insights into how the software aids in compliance, risk management, and data governance, offering businesses a competitive advantage.

 Interactive Q&A Session



Nanaiah Kalengada

Nanaiah Kalengada was the Managing Director, Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited and Country Leader – India & MEA, Equifax for over five years till July’23. He was responsible for providing leadership and oversight for both the Credit Bureau in India and the Analytics businesses in India & Middle East region for Equifax. Prior to joining Equifax, he was the Managing director of Pitney Bowes in India, a global technology company, for ten-plus years. He set up the India Business of Pitney Bowes as the first Managing director and managed the business successfully for over ten years.


Marijan BracicMarijan Bracic is Co-founder and CEO of Legit, responsible for strategy, as well as research and development of Data Privacy Manager – a software solution for personal data management. Marijan has managed complex projects in the telecommunications and financial industries. In 2017, he assumed a leading position in the Data Privacy department, taking on a visionary role in the development of the Data Privacy Manager product. In mid-2022, as a spin-off from Poslovna inteligencija, the department became a separate entity named Legit.


Sukarn S. MainiSukarn S. Maini holds a B.Sc. LL.B. (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). His extensive experience in technology law since 2013 includes advising clients on data protection compliance, conducting training on open source compliance, data protection, and digital security, as well as performing compliance reviews. Sukarn is adept at drafting various technology-related legal documents such as agreements, applications, terms of service, privacy policies, and more.

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