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1. Did you appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in your organization?
2. Did you have any data breaches or similar incidents in the last five years you can share?
3.Do you already use or plan to use a software platform to support the needs of your organization related to the processing of personal data and data protection compliance?
MAPPING THE DATA – the fundamentals of understanding personal data in your Company
4. Can you currently find all personal data your company stores and processes in databases, applications, documents, etc.?
5. Do you have a way to easily collect and manage information about Systems where personal data is processed?
6. Do you have a way to document Records of processing activities (ROPA)?
7. How many processing activities did you document?
8. Is there a straightforward process for keeping the ROPA up to date, and how satisfied are you with the existing process?
9. Can you define and document privacy risks (risks to the rights and freedoms of individuals regarding you processing their data)?
10. Do you have a central overview of all data processors and data processing agreements you have signed with them?
11. On average, how many requests to fulfill the rights of data subjects do you receive?
12. Is there an easy way for the responsible person to monitor and meet these requirements?
13. Do you use consent as a legal basis for processing personal data (marketing, human resources, user profiling, clinical trial studies)?
14. Do you think you are managing consents in the best possible way (clear and transparent communication with respondents, granular purposes, and simple revoke of consent)?
15. Were you able to document the retention schedule for all personal data you store and process?
16. Do you remove personal data after the retention expiry? If so, do you do it automatically?
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