Third Party Management

Centrally manage Third Party and guide your partners through vendor management process workflow

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Third Party Management

Running a business today is unimaginable without third-party vendors. These partners provide professional services and products, which help you bring additional value to your customers. In this relationship, personal data exchange is almost inevitable.

In terms of the GDPR, sharing customer personal data is a risk which needs to be properly mitigated. The challenge is making sure the processing of personal data by a data processor is done responsibly and with the respect of data subjects’ rights.

Data controllers hold the majority of responsibility in this relationship because they define the purpose of the processing activity and have control over the data.

GDPR also states that the controller will only collaborate with processors that provide sufficient guarantees for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures. 

The data controller is responsible for choosing GDPR compliant data processor or risks penalties. So, how to remain in control over data processing activities and make sure your data processor is a trustworthy partner?


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The goal is to have a controlled process of personal data sharing, enabled by legal and technical measures ensuring that the third-party vendor is acting in a GDPR compliant way.

Data Privacy Manager helps companies to better understand the data disclosure basis for each of the data processors. It includes understanding and defining applicable safeguards to prevent abuse or unlawful access or transfer of data.

Third-party vendor management is impossible without risk assessment and Data Protection Agreements management. Management of the Agreements is possible with smart notifications informing you about all the important events like Agreement expiration.

Engaging in a business relationship with a third-party vendor is not a single event. It is an active and lasting process in which Data Privacy Manager helps you with keeping records and statuses of onboarding or offboarding process.



Enables DPO to define Data Disclosure Basis and applicable safeguards for each Data Processor in one single place.


Smart notifications inform you about all the important events regarding Data Processing Agreements


Managing Data Processors in a process workflow having correct information about their current involvement statuses.

Personal Data Lifecycle


Interaction with Data Subjects
  • Contract
  • Consent

Lawfull Processing

Everyday Business
  • Data monetization
  • Services delivery
  • Marketing


Lawful Basis Expiration
  • Contract Expiration
  • RTBF
  • Opt-out


Data Destruction
  • Anonymization
  • Deletion

Business Process
(Original Purposes)

Data Retention
(Purpose change)

No Purpose

DPM Personal data lifecycle
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While Organizations have been busy collecting consents and putting together compliant Records of processing activities, the data removal remained overlooked, or maybe postponed? Most of the Organizations have by now documented data retention policies and have a good idea about how long they can keep the data. Data retention starts when one of the following scenarios happen: The initial purpose for data collection and processing has expired. Usually, a product or services contract with an individual has expired, an insurance policy has expired or individual stopped using a product or a service…

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