Privacy Portal

Privacy portal allows customers to communicate their requests and preferences at any time. By giving them the control, you gain their trust!


For some companies, data subjects’ rights fulfillment is a restricting and overwhelming set of responsibilities and regulations.

Other companies see GDPR as an opportunity to rethink their privacy model.  They found an intelligent way to provide customers with truly important value – control over their personal data!

In order to comply with the principle of transparency, the company is obligated to provide appropriate information about the collection of personal data. Any communication relating to data processing should be delivered in a concise, transparent, and easily accessible form.

Companies are also obligated to assure a straightforward and simple administration process of consent and preference choices.


Companies with advanced maturity of privacy management, introduced privacy portals as a way of giving customers control over managing their data and communication preferences. Some of them did not have an existing web portal or simply wanted to invest in a transparent relationship with their customers.

At the same time, they position themselves as businesses who are advanced-thinkingcustomer-oriented, and selling services or products, not personal data of their customers.

Privacy portal is a self-service interface for managing data subjects’ privacy settings that allows

  • Simple but highly secured access to their personal preferences
  • Displayed all available consents with easy OPT-IN or OPT-OUT status change
  • Available access to data subjects’ rights requests
  • Information about the company’s legal information like Privacy Policy and DPO information
  • Unique hashed link for each data subject enables easy and secure access to Privacy Portal

Privacy Portal is a channel that helps you direct your communication at the right angle for each specific customer.

Having a privacy portal means having a tailor-made solution customized for the needs and visual identity of the company without the need for additional in-house development.



Straightforward Privacy Portal where customers can easily manage their consent OPT-IN and OPT-OUT status. It is automatically integrated with powerful Data Privacy Manager’s consent engine.


Customers access Privacy Portal using automatically generated highly secured hashed link, unique for each data subject.


Get a tailor-made customer-facing channel that follows the visual identity of your company without additional in-house development.

Personal Data Lifecycle

Interaction with Data Subjects
  • Contract
  • Consent
Lawfull Processing
Everyday Business
  • Data monetization
  • Services delivery
  • Marketing
Lawful Basis Expiration
  • Contract Expiration
  • RTBF
  • Opt-out
Data Destruction
  • Anonymization
  • Deletion

Business Process
(Original Purposes)

Data Retention
(Purpose change)

No Purpose

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that Organizations processing personal data (Data Controllers and Data Processors) maintain a register of processing activities. According to Article 6 there can be 6 possible lawful basis for personal data processing, and for Organizations to be able to declare a lawful basis for a specific processing activity an assessment needs to be done…

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