Data Flow

Establish a business and operational control over complete personal Data Flow within your organization


The compliance process begins when Data Inventory discovers all personal data stored across multiple IT systems. It is crucial to know where personal data is stored, but it is even more important to be aware of how an organization uses this data.

If there is no understanding of all 4 Personal Data Lifecycle components, addressing all GDPR requirements becomes very difficult. Collection of data and lawful processing are parts of original business purposes while archiving and destruction are tasks needed to perform once the lawful basis expires.

Having an understanding of Personal Data Lifecycle in a chart or organigram is a good starting point, but nothing more. If a DPO does not have operational control over personal data, manual process management will soon become a highly risky and overwhelming task.


The key to the Data Flow challenge is to use a professional tool, such as Data Privacy Manager which allows DPO to have the total control and overview of all personal data processes within an organization.

In the first phase of interaction with data subjects, which is a part of the original business purpose, it covers all six lawful bases for personal data collection.

Processing data for delivery of contracted services or marketing is the second stage.
Once the contract expires or the customer opts-out, the lawful basis for processing is no longer valid. This is when the archiving starts, which means the purpose of processing changed, and it triggers the data retention process.

The last stage is the Data Removal phase in which an organization should no longer possess or process that personal information.

Data Privacy Manager is a unique solution with a variety of modules and workflows enabling Organization and the DPO to have control over Data Flow. Once when the system is set up, processes are automated, and the DPO can easily manage personal data lifecycle.



Data Privacy Manager brings organization comprehensive solution for complete Data Flow management


Automatically manage processes related to the original business purpose for both collection, and processing of personal data


After the original business purpose expired Data Privacy Manager helps you manage Data Retention and Data Destruction processes.

Personal Data Lifecycle

Interaction with Data Subjects
  • Contract
  • Consent
Lawfull Processing
Everyday Business
  • Data monetization
  • Services delivery
  • Marketing
Lawful Basis Expiration
  • Contract Expiration
  • RTBF
  • Opt-out
Data Destruction
  • Anonymization
  • Deletion

Business Process
(Original Purposes)

Data Retention
(Purpose change)

No Purpose

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that Organizations processing personal data (Data Controllers and Data Processors) maintain a register of processing activities. According to Article 6 there can be 6 possible lawful basis for personal data processing, and for Organizations to be able to declare a lawful basis for a specific processing activity an assessment needs to be done…

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