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Hit the ground running and utilize the full potential of implemented solution with our professional services

Consulting services

Our consultants will perform a thorough scan of your present Privacy program development. Using our extensive methodology, we will share best industry practices and guidance to help you implement your Privacy program quickly and efficiently.

We have been in consultancy services for the past couple of decades, which enabled us to establish communication standards that help Privacy professionals and IT to easily exchange ideas and communicate their needs, regardless of their different backgrounds.

Once everyone is on board, it becomes far less complicated to implement data protection principles into the IT landscape of the company.

Professional Services

Implementation services

DPM app

When implementing Data Privacy Manager it is important to understand that maximum benefits can be achieved only if the solution is integrated within all the systems collecting and processing personal data.

We made sure the integration is simple and uncomplicated. However, we understand that your IT personnel might not have enough time or resources to dive in and do the job themselves. Our experts can help with the integration and overall implementation of Data Privacy Manager software.

They will make sure implementation is done in the spirit of Data protection regulation and once they are done your IT landscape will have Data Privacy by design and default.

Allow your organization to focus on core business, while Data Privacy Manager takes care of safe and GDPR compliant personal data management.

Learn how this solution helps your industry

While Organizations have been busy collecting consents and putting together compliant Records of processing activities, the data removal remained overlooked, or maybe postponed? Most of the Organizations have by now documented data retention policies and have a good idea about how long they can keep the data. Data retention starts when one of the following scenarios happen: The initial purpose for data collection and processing has expired. Usually, a product or services contract with an individual has expired, an insurance policy has expired or individual stopped using a product or a service…

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