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AI-based solution designed to automate personal data discovery and classification
Discover personal data across multiple systems in the cloud or on-premise
Harbor cooperation between DPO, Legal Services, IT and Marketing
Turn data subject request into an automated workflow with a clear insight into data every step of the way
Collaborate with stakeholders and manage DPIA and LIA in real-time with Assessment Automation
Guide your partners trough vendor management process workflow
Identifying the risk from the point of view of Data Subject
Quickly respond, mitigate damage and maintain compliance
Consolidate your data and prioritize your relationship with customers
Privacy portal allows customers to communicate their requests and preferences at any time
Introducing end-to end automation of personal data removal

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General Data Protection Regulation

Here you can find the official content of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) in the current version. All Articles of the GDPR are linked with suitable recitals.

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How can free GDPR consultations help your business?

How can free GDPR consultations help your business

GDPR consultations: If it is free, it can’t be useful 

So, I have heard: “You get what you pay for”, which may be true in certain situations. Getting something free usually means there is little to expect from it.

But what if the circumstances are slightly different, and this can be a win-win situation for everyone?

Data Privacy area is a field that is just coming into full bloom, and I believe that professionals should be a helping hand to one another.

Even though the DPOs are educated professionals, consulting with another expert from the complementary field can give you added value.

We are here to assist with understanding the data and help you utilize the software to the fullest extent.

On the other hand, software vendors, such as Data Privacy Manager, are constantly checking the pulse of their customers in order to create the most advanced Data Privacy solutions.

This is how supply and demand meet directly to answer your specific problems and address the most pressing Data Privacy challenges.

Isn’t it exciting to be a part of all this? 

The DPO is not almighty

According to the  IAPP study, an estimated 500,000 Organizations have registered Data Protection Officers across Europe under the GDPR.

Ideally, a DPO should possess technical expertise to implement compliance policies and understand the data protection laws.

However, out of those half a million DPOs, most are legal experts or IT professionals.

This means a DPO needs to learn fast and dive into areas completely opposite from their primary profession.

So why not consult an expert who can help you?

In the past two decades, we have been considered experts in the data management field.

Can you get this information from sources other than GDPR consultations? 

Of course. There are websites, brochures, blog posts, and several articles available to you. All you need to do is Google it.

However, are you sure this is how you will get the relevant and correct information you need?

Imagine you are sick, and you decide to Google your symptoms. If it is a common cold, sometimes it can do the trick.

However, sometimes you can end up feeling overwhelmed and thinking you might be terminally ill, diagnosing far worse complications then you might have.

Consulting with our expert would be more like consulting a doctor.

You are talking to someone who has experience, who has seen many cases just like yours, and can give you educated advice.

Maybe even show you that your illness is not as serious as you think and is easily “curable.”

As an old proverb says: “The presence of the doctor is the beginning of the cure.” 

We can say that in the past two decades, we have been considered experts in the data management field.

However, when creating our software, we talked to numerous legal experts who have pointed us in the right direction to make sure our Data Privacy Manager solution will perform to the highest standards imposed by the GDPR.

And we feel like it was a great experience! 

What should you expect from GDPR consultations?

You should not be served forced sales presentations. The consultations are usually in the form of a 30-minute call.

The mission of our expert is to leave you feeling like your questions were answered, and you can fully understand all the options presented to you and your Company.

We will go through the most important topics of Data Privacy, trying to cover all four stages of the Personal Data Lifecycle: Collection, Lawful Processing, Archiving, and Destruction.

Of course, data privacy is a comprehensive topic, and it would be illusory to think that consultation with our experts will solve all of your problems. We will be happy if we can help you with one or two particular issues you were struggling with.

Should you prepare for a consultation? 

Yes, you will have to do your part.

Our experts are taking part of their valuable time to understand how they can truly help you, and you need to do your due diligence.

Answering questions like: How many processing activities does your company have, or how do you manage consents?

It helps us see where you are in the compliance process and feel how the software can help you out.

If you don’t need software, we will communicate that as well.

Request a Data Privacy Manager demo

Let us navigate you through the Data Privacy Manager solution and showcase functionalities that will help you overcome your compliance challenges.

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