Why Data Privacy Manager?

DPO Control Panel

The DPO Control Panel allows the DPO to successfully perform tasks and responsibilities defined in Articles 38 and 39 of the GDPR. Using Data Privacy Manager, the DPO defines all the necessary information for keeping records of processing activities. Data Privacy Manager allows the DPO to define whether the organization is the data processor or data controller, as well as who the owner of the processing activity is, which types of data are being processed, which external systems are involved and additional information defined in Article 30 of GDPR. The DPO can define tasks for individual processing activities while also defining data processing purposes for all 6 legal bases defined by GDPR

Data Subjects Manager

The Data Subjects Manager represents the central display of all the data subjects as well as a 360° view of the data. Since a user’s data is most often stored in multiple IT systems using different identifiers, Data Privacy Manager allows data management through references to external systems or in hybrid mode by using the Informatica Master Data Management system as an add-on.

Consent Compliance

Data Privacy Manager features a rich set of consent lifecycle management functionality, from creating consent definitions to consent analytics. By simply integrating with systems such as websites, CRM, or mobile applications, DPM becomes a unique place of truth for all collected consents. It allows timely start or termination of data processing activities to ensure that all marketing activities are GDPR compliant. With GDPR, collecting consents is becoming a normal part of marketing campaigns as organizations can now prove how the consents were collected.

Marketing Consent Wizard

The Marketing Consent Wizard provides advanced consent management functions to facilitate the automation and operation of the Marketing department. Consent grouping and propagation of the correct consent text across all channels ensures a transparent, automated and efficient consent management. The application has the ability to create forms for collecting personal data and generating the code for a website that is automatically integrated with DPM, accelerating and easing the integration of the entire GDPR solution.

Data Subjects Rights Manager

Fulfillment of user requests is challenging for most organizations because it requires a high level of personal data management. Data Privacy Manager automates the entire process; from the registration of a user request, through the process of the request approval and data processing, to the notification of the user about the outcome of the request. DPM enables the orchestration and management of requests so that the IT systems, on which the data is stored, can timely and accurately execute user requests. By integrating DPM into an IT architecture, the fulfillment of user requests becomes a centralized and efficient process.

Contracts & Policies Flow

As a large number of organizations collect users’ personal data based on contracts, a special module for contract management and data flow has been developed. By signing the contract, numerous processing of personal data is initiated. The Task of Contract & Policies Flow is used to define which activities are being executed when signing the contract and which activities are being executed by contract termination or cancellation. This provides a complete stream of data at a single location after the start, during the data processing, and the data retention policy when the contract is terminated or cancelled.

API & Integration

significant advantage of Data Privacy Manager is open communication and connectivity to IT systems that contain personal information. The basic API for consent management is located within the Consent Compliance module, while all other APIs and integration components are delivered as part of the API & Integration Toolkit, enabling maximum automation and efficient management of GDPR processes. The parts of the Toolkit are:

  • AD Integration (on-premise)
  • Data Subject API integration
  • Marketing Forms
  • Data Subjects Requests Integration
  • Contracts & Policies API Integration
  • Data Retention Automation

Privacy Portal

A built-in portal for managing the privacy settings of the data subjects is the solution for all organizations that do not have an existing web portal or simply want a solution that will allow them to give data subjects control over their personal data. This includes opting in or opting out and the possibility of exercising data subjects’ rights that were defined by the GDPR. This web application exposed to end users is tailor-made to the needs and visual identity of the organization, and it represents for the end user (data subject) one place to manage all personal data that company processes. This represents an easy solution for GDPR compliance in context of giving information to data subjects and fulfilling their rights.

Data Discovery

Do you know where all the data on your company infrastructure are being processed? Do you have a tool that can check that? Module for data discovery connects to all standard databases and automatically searches all personal data collected on them. You can simply define all data types that your company is processing and create processes that, in defined time intervals, search systems and find personal data. Personal data that were found are tied to personal data records processes and give complete insight into processes that the organization conducts. By using Data Privacy Manager organizations reduce the risk of data breach and get a holistic view into personal data processing records.

Allow your organization to focus on core business, while Data Privacy Manager takes care of the GDPR processes.