Data Privacy Manager – Informatica MDM Edition

Data Privacy Manager – Informatica MDM Edition 150 150 Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager – Informatica MDM Edition

We are very proud to announce a brand new edition of Data Privacy Manager, DPM Informatica MDM Edition. This edition was created together with the experts from Informatica Corporation as an integrated product including Data Privacy Manager and Informatica Master Data Management Multidomain platform*.

Data Privacy Manager MDM edition provides a single business user interface to data privacy and data protection experts, serving as a central place for GDPR day-to-day operations and audits. The idea behind the product is to provide a tool for GDPR process automation and orchestration, a DPO control center and a tool for marketing without storing personal data in another database. Instead, it allows organizations to use Informatica Master Data Management hub to maintain the “golden record” of the data subject with correct and up-to-date personal information and provide DPO with a searchable interface to monitor GDPR compliance. This is Data protection (and  Privacy) by design and default at it’s best.

Picture 1. Data Privacy Manager MDM edition provides a single business user interface for management of GDPR processes and Data subject’s personal data management. It connects to all IT systems in the enterprise and provides a tool for governing personal data..

When it comes to the GDPR compliance journey, we have seen Organizations taking a defensive position and doing the pure minimum around privacy policies, contracts and documentation. But we have also seen a number of Organizations trying to take an offensive position, being in control of personal data for the sake of the business and using personal data respectfully to create new insights and new business models.

It is now obvious that there is no such thing as a minimum GDPR compliance. Organizations are either compliant with GDPR principles or they are not. The lawful basis for processing are either clearly defined and documented or personal data is being processed illegally. They are either fulfilling data subject rights in a timely manner or they are in the risk of a lawsuit. Their marketing department is creating marketing campaigns using only data with proper consents or they are spamming their Customers and potential Customers. It has also become obvious that people’s trust is the next big thing Organizations will have to compete for.

DPM enforces maintenance of Records of processing activities, data retention policies execution, timely fulfillment of data subject rights and minimization of data breach risk. Together with Informatica MDM it provides much more than “minimum GDPR compliance”, it provides Organizations with a means to be more data-driven and Customer centric.

When using DPM MDM edition Organizations know exactly where personal data is stored and processed, who is responsible, what is the purpose of data processing, and most importantly, which data belongs to the same data subject. The later demands a functional master data management system and it is why we have collaborated with Informatica Corporation, and created an integrated product to cover GDPR processes and policies management, personal data management and integration with other systems.

Picture 2. DPM MDM edition provides Organisations with a complete overview of Data Subject’s data, and information about personal data processing.

* Informatica Master Data Management Multidomain platform includes MDM functionalities limited to data subject privacy management. However, the usage can be extended to full Customer or other domains (e.g. Product, Distributor) at any time.