California Consumer Privacy Act vs. GDPR

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What are the differences between CCPA vs. GDPR?

It is more than obvious that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was influenced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The trends in the world clearly point out that European GDPR was just first in line of many other similar laws to come. Therefore, making European companies pioneers in adjusting to the new standards. Learn what are the basic differences between CCPA vs. GDPR

Comparing the two pieces of legislation there are similarities and differences:
Who it applies to Any organization holding personal data of the citizen of the EU Profit entities that proces personal data of residents of California and either have:

·         24 million $ in annual revenue

·         Hold personal data of 50,000 consumers

·         Have at least half of their revenue in the sale of personal data

Basis for consent Opt in Opt out
Penalties 4% of annual turnover or 20 million EUR, whichever is greater 750 $ (or actual damages) for each consumer or 7,500$ per violation, whichever is greater
Enforcement From May 25th 2018 January 1st 2020
Rights for individuals Right of Access and Data Portability, Right to be forgoten, Accountability, Complete control over personal data, Right ti be informed, the Right to restriction of preocessing, the Right to object, Right not to be profiled and subject to automated decision-making. Right to disclosure and objection regarding who is data being sold to, Right to know how personal data will be processed, Right to access data, Right to know who data has ben provided to

Even though our software was originally designed for GDPR, in its core it is a data privacy software and everyone who is familiar with GDPR and CCPA, will recognize similarities between those two.

For instance, the CCPA has a right to be forgotten, a right to portability and a right to access to data just the same as GDPR. What makes our solution great is adaptability to specific criteria of particular law like CCPA or GDPR.

While making room for further adjustments, with the intention of helping your company comply with any other similar regulation or law easily, which brings us back to data privacy on a global scale.

As a European company that works with data for almost 20 years, we understand why data protection needs to be taken seriously, and most importantly how to protect and manage your consumer personal data, and prepare your business for newest trends in data protection legislation.

That is why we have created a Data Privacy Manager,  a software solution that allows companies to simply and safely manage consumers’ privacy. By protecting their privacy you are building the image of a company that can be trusted, and that is the foundation of a successful business today. Imagine the benefits of being ready before everyone else, giving you a competitive advantage and possibly saving your company from high penalties.

By choosing an easy-to-plug-in solution like Data Privacy Manager, you can significantly accelerate the adjustment of the complete IT infrastructure. After successfully implementing the Data Privacy Manager, many relevant processes are automated, allowing the organization’s focus on revenue-generating core businesses.

What gives our solution even more credibility is the fact that it has already been tested with our customers in real life situations, proving that it has its value in the everyday business.

Our rich experience with our clients is teaching us it is never too early to start with the process of compliance. The sooner you start the sooner you will find out that the amount of personal data of your consumers that your company manages extends the estimation you have had when you first started.

Trust us when we say that personal data of your consumers run deep into the core of your business. What you will soon find out is that software like Data Privacy Manager is not a commodity but necessity and automatization will be key for successfully shifting your business to the new era of personal data management.

We can help you discover personal data of your consumers, protect it and inform your customers that the care of their personal data is your priority!

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