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Data Privacy Manager is a comprehensive solution for effective personal data management. This GDPR software saves time and contributes to creating a culture of trust and encourages responsible behavior toward data management and data security.

Today, more than ever, users are aware of the value of their data opting for companies that show greater transparency in managing their personal data. Data Privacy Manager has been created with the mission to help companies build customer trust, to prevent potential risks by automating the process and to ensure a prompt and timely response to user requests.

By using Data Privacy Manager you protect your company from unnecessary fines and retain your reputation of a company that cares about its customers’ data.

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Tailored to GDPR

Data Privacy Manager is developed from scratch from the first line of code exclusively for GDPR. An experienced multidisciplinary team of experts designed the solution, having in mind the requirements of the new regulation. By using specialized GDPR software you minimize the risk of potential penalties.

Time saving

By choosing an easy-to-plug-in solution like Data Privacy Manager, you can significantly accelerate the adjustment of the complete IT infrastructure. After successfully implementing the Data Privacy Manager, many GDPR relevant processes are automated, allowing organization’s focus on revenue-generating core businesses.

Central management and connectivity with other systems

With Data Privacy Manager you have control and you can manage GDPR processes from one point. Central management of GDPR processes is enabled by connecting Data Privacy Manager to all systems and applications that contain the data subjects’ personal data.

Data Privacy Manager helps reducing the time for reaching full GDPR compliance and allows you to focus your resources on adjustment of existing IT systems.

Allow your organization to focus on core business, while Data Privacy Manager takes care of safe and GDPR compliant personal data management.

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