Data Privacy Manager in The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020

Data Privacy Manager in The Forrester Wave™ Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020 (2)

Our company is among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q1 2020 Forrester Wave™ evaluation, Privacy Management Software.

Data Privacy Manager in Forrester Wave™ evaluation

Data Privacy Manager, privacy solution from Poslovna inteligencija is among the selected solutions from companies that Forrester invited to participate in their industry evaluation, the first Forrester Wave™ for Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020.

Top software providers in the market were represented in Forrester Wave™ evaluation of the market for Privacy Management Software for the first time, confirming that the market has established itself in the past few years.

Forrester report notes:

“In addition to the traditional full-time Data Protection Officer (DPO) scenario, this product is also designed specifically to support the shared-DPO model, where different firms can buy the service of a single DPO, typically from legal or consulting firms. But the real value of this offering is the opportunity to manage security controls for data retention schedule and deletion of data.

“The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020”

Why is this report important?

“While achieving compliance with privacy requirements remains a key driver that leads customers to acquire privacy management software, firms now expect privacy to differentiate their company, products, and services. The ramifications of privacy management on customer engagement, brand reputation, CX, and, ultimately, revenues affect firms both positively and negatively depending on their commitment to privacy — or lack thereof. These changes also affect the buyer of these solutions: Security officers, CIOs, CMOs, boards of directors, alongside the privacy officers, are often part of the purchasing decision-making process and co-owners of the privacy strategy.”

The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020

Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored the 15 most significant privacy management software providers in 26-criterion evaluation. The report shows how each provider measures up and helps security and risk (S&R) and privacy professionals select the right one for their needs.

Security and privacy professionals should use the report to understand the capabilities within privacy market segment and to inform their technology strategies.

Forrester is an independent American market research company that provides advice on the existing and potential impact of technology to the public and provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology.

The Forrester Wave is a trusted report that uses a transparent methodology to compare the players in a software, hardware, or services market enabling the role professionals to make well-informed decisions without conducting their own research.

About Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager is a well-rounded data privacy platform that is used by clients in many different vertical markets, helping organizations to regain control over personal data they’ve been entrusted with.

It is created to cover different aspects of privacy regulations and information security and provide users with a single and unique 360 degrees’ view of their customers’ personal data lifecycle.

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