Identifying and implementing data retention policies can be an exhausting task when trying to navigate countless local, regional and global data retention obligations, especially for companies operating in multiple markets.

Data Privacy Manager has paired up with filerskeepers to provide a privacy platform with instant access to data retention information across hundreds of countries worldwide, allowing you to resolve compliance issues around defining data retention periods.

How filerskeepers works
with Data Privacy Manager

filerskeepers works as a Data Privacy Manager add-on that allows you to scan and access all laws that define records retention obligations and statutory limitations for different countries with just a few easy clicks.

filerskeepers add-on works when paired up with Data Processing Inventory module and enables you to:

  • Swiftly identify data retention schedules of hundreds of countries across any industry
  • Save time and resources searching different sources to identify which rules apply in each relevant jurisdiction
  • Record what data to store and the retention period for that data
  • Demonstrate compliance with data retention obligations, by enforcing the decisions within the legal framework down into the data
  • Know when personal data needs to be deleted or for how long do you need to store it
  • Comply with the GDPR and storage limitation principle

What does filerskeepers do,
so you don’t have to

Reads all the laws and regulations in the world in search of records retention obligations and statutory limitations
Tracks changes in the law, providing you with the most comprehensive and up to date regulatory and statutory obligations
Gives you simple and actionable data retention instructions without using vague language

Define data retention

filerskeepers’ data retention schedules contain all legal and regulatory requirements that prescribe or inspire the storage and deletion of data or records covering all industries around the world, including everything from tax records to medical records, human resources to payrolling, statutory limitations to privacy laws, and regulatory to environmental retention periods, in short, anything you need to remain compliant with applicable laws.

Find out more information about what is covered in filerskeepers schedules!

Accounting and legal

Get in control of records relating to accounting, litigations, contracts, intellectual property, corporate household and treasury.


Everything necessary for your dealings with tax and customs authorities. Including income tax, VAT and employee wage tax.

Health and Safety

Keep governmental inspection records, safety data sheets, audits, company doctor records, hazardous exposure records, accident and injury reports and insurance records.

Human Resources

Store documents relating to recruitment, HR management, payroll, compensation and benefits, sickness and leave and pensions.


Store profit and loss accounts, bid activity, cost engineering, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Sales and Marketing

Manage your sales and marketing records and know your customer obligations.
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