Data Privacy Manager is a comprehensive privacy solution for effective personal data management

Get an actionable insight into your data, manage privacy risk and increase customer trust

Central management and connectivity with other systems

Central management of GDPR processes is enabled by connecting the Data Privacy Manager to all systems and applications that contain personal data.

Collaboration through all organizational units

Facilitates collaboration between DPO, Legal service, IT, HR and Marketing, allowing them to create clearly defined responsibilities that are realistic and consistent with the competencies of each organizational unit.

Automated data removal

Automatically gives instructions to a different system when data deletion needs to be executed and enables you to define data retention and data removal operationalisation on different data categories.
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Data Discovery
Companies today operate in an environment where they need to quickly grasp the sheer volume of the data they process and the importance of data processing.
Guide for a successful DPO
Privacy programs are yet to be established in many organizations and require further encouragement from the management. We shared 5 basic steps for a successful privacy program that will help you within the organization.

Flexible pricing options

Data Privacy Manager is available in flexible pricing options for your growing business needs.

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Data Privacy Manager has paired up with filerskeepers to provide a privacy platform with instant access to data retention information across hundreds of countries worldwide, allowing you to resolve compliance issues around defining data retention periods.

Data Privacy Manager allows you to focus your resources on adjustment of existing IT systems

Allow your organization to focus on core business, while Data Privacy Manager takes care of safe and GDPR compliant personal data management.

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